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4 Productivity Apps Agents Can’t Put Down

Productivity apps can help improve the efficiency, organization, and flow of your real estate business. Here are 4 productivity apps agents love.

Finding ways to improve the efficiency, organization, and overall flow of your real estate business can seem tricky. While existing systems may prove their value in your workday, there’s always an opportunity to improve and optimize business operations.

That’s where productivity apps come in. The real estate industry is booming with countless productivity apps to help organize agent, team, and broker workflows, make communication more efficient, and guide real estate pros to stay on top of their daily tasks. In turn, productivity is boosted and better service is provided to clients.

Let’s talk more about productivity apps: what they are, how they’re used, and which ones can help your business.

What is a Productivity App?

Productivity apps are specifically made to improve and enhance the productivity of an individual, or of a team. These apps can take the form of note-takers, reminders and list creators, calendars, project management boards, and much, much more.

Productivity apps seek to give you an easy view into organizing your tasks, meetings, appointments, obligations, and other key information pieces related to projects or ongoing demands. Rather than scrawling things out by hand in a notebook or endlessly typing in your phone’s Notes app, you can tap into productivity apps to work more efficiently with organization.

How Can Productivity Apps Help Me as an Agent?

As a real estate agent, you’re juggling a multitude of priorities, tasks, and obligations. It can be hard to have one single view at what the day, week, or month ahead has in store. It can also be difficult to stay on top of the status of everything, identify what needs to be done, and keep ahead of ongoing business needs.

Bringing productivity apps into the fold of your work as a real estate agent can help you centralize your tasks, projects, and calendar view. It can also give you smart, algorithm-driven reminders and suggestions to optimize your workday and workflows. Productivity apps also unlock the opportunity to collaborate with others, whether it’s your teammates, brokerage, or clientele.

To maximize your business’s efficiency, harness the power offered by productivity apps to get more hours back in your day. Here are top productivity apps loved and used by real estate agents like you.

4 Productivity Apps that Agents Can’t Put Down

#1. Trello

Imagine being able to have all the moving parts and pieces behind your real estate business organized, prioritized, and accessible to everyone involved — no matter where they are.

A real estate agents uses a gantt chart to manage the progress of a project.
Using a good project manager can help you maintain your timeline and effectively manage your time.

Trello is a project management software that allows you to do just this. Built with an interface consisting of lists, project boards, and cards, Trello allows real estate agents to easily collaborate with other team members, business partners, or clients. The tool can also help agents manage daily tasks and outline and organize a variety of workflows.

#2. Todoist

Touted as the world’s #1 task manager in the form of a digital to-do list, Todoist helps you stay on top of it all, quickly and easily. The tool integrates with a variety of other apps, like Google Chrome, Outlook, Google Calendar, and much more.

With Todoist, agents can quick-add tasks, set due dates, prioritization levels, and groupings. They can also delegate tasks, set reminders, and get a view into their productivity levels with an activity summary sent weekly and monthly. This app helps streamline your to-do list and takes it to an actionable, efficient level.

#3. Dotloop

A real estate agent is happy about cutting out some paperwork associated with a transaction.
Handling documents, signatures, and more add time to every transaction which can be streamlined with the right software.

Dotloop is a real estate transaction management tool designed specifically to save real estate pros time and drive efficiency. With agents, teams, and broker tracks, Dotloop is dedicated to ensuring a streamlined workflow and superior customer experience.

The transaction management tool centralizes eSignatures, document sharing, data security, and CRM integrations to make managing your workload as an agent easier than ever. Even better? You can use its mobile app to take your transaction management on the go.

#4. Evernote

Evernote is an established and trusted note-taking app that takes your projects and to-do lists and puts them into a singular, dashboard view you can customize. It also integrates with your most important apps and syncs with all your devices of choice.

You can also easily drop in photos, web pages, PDFs, and key emails into Evernote for easy tracking and updating. With Evernote, whether you’re at your computer or working from your phone, you can trust your tasks and to-dos are current, easily accessible, and your productivity is boosted.

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