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FAQ For Agents

How do I join RealEstateAgents.com?

It’s easy and free! Simply enroll here to create your profile and become eligible to receive exclusive client referrals.

What are the benefits of joining RealEstateAgents.com?

You get an exclusive, customizable web profile to attract new clients and grow your business.

Once you set up your profile, clients can reach out directly to you on RealEstateAgents.com and you only pay a referral fee upon closing which means there are no up-front costs as with many other platforms.

There are countless benefits to joining RealEstateAgents.com! This all new marketplace is the hottest resource where clients are going to find the best real estate agents. You can set up a custom profile that includes client reviews, badges, a photo, video, your service area, and more! You’ll also gain access to our Personal Relocation Network, allowing you to submit referrals for clients across the country. Join today to begin receiving referrals and expand your business!

Is there a cost to sign up with RealEstateAgents.com?

It’s 100% free to sign up with RealEstateAgents.com! You can either claim or create a profile all for free - no payment or credit card information will be collected.

How many referrals can I expect?

The number of referrals received depends on a number of factors, including current market conditions, seasonality, and your specific location. You can put yourself in the best possible position to receive more referrals by filling out your RealEstateAgents.com profile page as fully as possible to attract the interest of more clients. And if you’re interested in augmenting your business with even more referrals, talk to one of our customer representatives about our PRIME subscription service.

Are these referrals qualified? What is your qualification process?

All our referrals go through a number of qualifying steps before being sent to our partner agents. Clients must complete a multi-step questionnaire to verify their intent and complete a phone-based two factor authentication to verify their phone number. Following these steps, we take a tech forward approach to verify the client’s name, phone number, and email address before matching them with an agent. In cases where we need to we will also speak to the client directly to validate their information and make sure we fully understand their needs.

Where do the referrals come from?

A majority of our referrals are initiated by clients themselves. They request to be connected with one or multiple real estate agents. Approximately 5% of our referrals are submitted by other agents through our Personal Relocation Network. In order to submit a client into this network, the agent must verify it is a personal referral and the client has granted their permission to be referred to other agents.

Can I refer clients to other agents on your website?

Yes! Our Personal Relocation Network is the largest in the country, featuring over 160,000 agents and coverage in all U.S. zip codes and Canadian post codes! Begin submitting referrals today to earn a referral fee and grow your business.

What’s the cost of submitting referrals?

There are no costs to submit a referral on RealEstateAgents.com. You can submit up to 10 referrals per month for free. This number may change in the future depending on your past submitted referral’s success.

How much am I paid when a referral I submit closes?

You will receive a 25% referral fee when a referral you submit closes. When a closing takes place, a 30% referral fee is paid to RealEstateAgents.com. We keep 5% and pass the remaining 25% back to you as the referral’s submitting agent.

How are agents matched with my client?

Our AI-powered system does a great job at matching agents who are a good fit based on a client’s needs and market. We recommend you speak with your submitted client about how to best support them in selecting an agent from the provided list.