6 Reasons to Have an Experienced Real Estate Agent on Your Side

Getting the best service and avoiding unnecessary roadblocks are two key reasons why you should always hire an experienced real estate agent.

Scott Castillo
Scott Castillo

An experienced real estate agent is a crucial asset for buying and selling homes.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, there are over 2 million licensed real estate agents practicing in the U.S. However, the best real estate professionals to work with are always experienced real estate agents.

Working with a truly experienced real estate agent introduces buyers and sellers to innumerable benefits, including:

  • Access to their many industry connections
  • Access to exclusive opportunities
  • Guidance empowered by insight and market-specific knowledge
  • Strong negotiation leverage
  • The time, attention, and caliber of service you deserve.

Every step of the real estate transaction is streamlined and improved when you choose to work with an experienced real estate agent in your market.

Why You Need an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Looking beyond the benefits of working with an experienced real estate agent, working with anything but the top agents in your market can introduce potential downsides that negatively impact your position as a buyer or seller.

The reality is that you need to be working with a trusted, reputable, and experienced real estate agent to avoid these six things from happening to you while you’re moving forward with your real estate deal.

#1. You Don’t Want To Be Working More Than Necessary

When you don’t work with an experienced real estate agent, you could end up working more than you want to throughout the transaction process.

Inexperienced agents may not be taking their clients as seriously as they should be, ultimately forcing the client to put in more effort than they would if they worked with a top agent.

For example, you don’t want to hire an agent that doesn’t remember what you say and constantly asks you to answer the same questions over and over again.

The last thing you want is to have your agent calling to ask you a question that is clearly answered on your listing or client intake form.

#2. You Don’t Want To Fight For Their Service and Attention

Top agents prioritize their clients and maintain strong communication practices. On the other hand, clients working with inexperienced agents may need to fight to get their agent’s attention.

Some agents do not reach out to their clients or keep them abreast of the latest updates to their transactions. Even worse, some agents do not return client calls and fail to deliver expectations on time.

You don’t want to be repeatedly reaching out to an agent to get the service you need only to be ignored.

#3. You Don’t Want To Be Put on the Back Burner

Some agents take on more clients than they can adequately service to maximize their commissions and profits.

When an agent is working with too many clients, they inevitably put their buyers and sellers on the backburner.

Experienced agents only take on as many clients as they can seamlessly provide the highest caliber of service to. When working with a top agent, your transaction remains top of mind.

Since your deal is a high priority, you have an agent that helps you move your transaction forward rather than causing it to lag.

#4. You Don’t Want Someone Disrespectful and Non-Professional

While the best agents cultivate strong relationships by being kind, honest, and caring, other agents lapse in professionalism or are even disrespectful to clients.

You don’t want to work with an agent that does not treat every person involved in the client’s life with the utmost respect. For example, some agents may only acknowledge one member of a pair of married buyers or behave disrespectfully to family members.

Experienced agents understand that their clients — and everyone in their sphere — need to be treated professionally.

#5. You Don’t Want Someone Who Doesn’t Fight For Your Interests

Some agents may be great at one-on-one client interactions, then fail to step up to the plate at negotiations.

Experienced agents know how to gain the upper hand during negotiations or at the very least fight for the client’s interest to reach a favorable outcome.

Since your agent is the main point of communication between the two parties involved in a transaction, you need an agent that accurately represents your needs and position.

#6. You Don’t Want To Miss Out on Opportunities

In many cases, real estate success comes from taking advantage of opportunities promptly.

Whether it’s submitting an offer on a hot listing that’s just hit the market or winning the preferable outcome of negotiations, buyers and sellers both need an agent that makes quick decisions and strategic moves on their behalf.

You never want to be waiting on your agent when it’s time to get something done. Instead, you want an experienced agent that calls you first and is ready to put a custom plan into motion.

Get Connected With an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Your real estate transaction is incredibly important. Make sure you’re working with a trusted and experienced agent by hiring a top agent ranked by RealEstateAgents.com.

Scott Castillo

Scott Castillo