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Lisa Y Risco
Keller Williams
Lisa Y Risco
"I feel that working with a referral system that does not force you to pay for opportunities that you may never procure /close is a great option. I must say 45% of my listings and business is a result of I seem to work these sources better than any other. I have developed a relationship with some of the referrals I received from Compared to some other lead sources, I must say they were more motivated and engaging. They knew what they wanted and stayed the course without some of the typical.... My google search is greater than your knowledge nonsense! has definitely enhanced my business over the past 7 years!!!!"
Maggie Mouscardy
MaxCap LLC
Maggie Mouscardy
"Anything coming from is far more vetted than any of the other platforms, so I stopped working with any of them. The people I'm getting from you have been cream of the crop connections."
Nick Calvert
Long & Foster Real Estate
Nick Calvert
"I would rather get 3 leads in a month than 40 from some other sources; definitely more engaging and responsive than other sites. You have brought me a lot of business and value and I appreciate the referrals and clients you sent to me!"

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Listen and learn

Ask for reviews and find out why your clients are jazzed about working with you. Their insights will help you up your game and increase credibility with potential clients. Coming Soon

Giving you more time to build relationships while we vet leads

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