Our Mission

Is to take the anxiety and guesswork out of
finding and choosing the right agent.

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We make the process
fast, easy and free

We are a group of experienced real estate professionals, data scientists and software developers dedicated to one goal: making it easier to find a great real estate agent in every market. It’s easy to get overwhelmed looking for the right agent, and staring at lists can make your eyes glaze over. So what are you supposed to do, pick an agent at random?

We offer a better way. By looking at the actual houses listed by each agent and how well the agent did in selling each house we develop a 360-degree picture of every agent in the country. This allows us to figure out the market and price point each agent excels in, and where they’re not so expert. By using our search technology and agent rankings you can see who lists the most homes and sells the quickest at the highest price. In other words, you can easily find the best agent for you.

Find Real Estate Agents in Your Area

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We analyze millions of home sales to find the best performing real estate agents for you.