4 Ways to Amp Up Your Client Communications

4 Ways to Amp Up Your Client Communications

Not sure what your client communications are missing? Get these 4 tips you can use to amp up your client communications today.

When it comes to client communications, there’s plenty of ways you can tailor your approach. While you may have a baseline of communication best practices, there’s always room to take things up an additional notch to give your clients a superior experience working with you.

By doing so, you can deepen your client relationships, strengthen trust in your expertise, and build a strong base of clientele.

The Goal of Amping Up Your Client Communications

Your approach to client communications is, in short, everything to your real estate business. Without effective communication, your clients can feel like they’re in the dark, making them less likely to trust you or struggle with the complexities of the buying or selling process.

Thankfully, we know you’re doing a great job keeping your clients in the loop always. And it really matters: the 2023 NAR Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report found the two of the most important characteristics include an agent’s responsiveness and their communication skills.

Consumers value your communication approach, so here are 4 of the best ways to give your client communications a boost.

#1. Personalize Wherever Possible

One of the easiest ways to guarantee a stellar client experience is by using personalization wherever you can. Clients love when you remember the little details about them, and it can go a long way to calm any fears or anxieties as they pursue one of the largest transactions of their lifetime.

A REALTOR team amps up communication with clients
Providing personalized messages or customizing marketing content is a great way to connect with clients.

At every touchpoint, from the very first time they submit a lead to beyond their move-in date, use personalization throughout your communications. What could this look like?

  • Connecting with them about a shared passion, hobby, group, or neighborhood business when you first meet
  • Remembering details of their daily life and translating it into the homes you show them
  • Tailoring your move-in gift based on their interests
  • Sending a handwritten postcard or customized email on their move-in anniversary, birthday, or wedding anniversary

Adding these small touches to your client communications can show you’re an agent with a strong attention to detail, who cares about their clients, and who always goes the extra mile.

#2. Stay in Touch Regularly and Consistently

Don’t wait until the next meeting or business day to let your clients know about key updates, changes, or even the current status of their transaction. By keeping them up-to-the-minute, even if there isn’t any major news, can also go a long way in calming any anxieties they may have as they make their way to the closing table.

Staying in touch regularly and consistently also keeps the door open back to you, allowing your clients to feel like they can reach out at any time to ask or discuss anything they may need. This reinforces trust and confidence in your abilities, and makes your clients feel seen, heard, and valued.

#3. Always Provide Value

You must ensure everything you’re sharing with your clients is valuable to them. This step is key in your client communications, as everything you communicate to them needs to be timely, relevant, and educational.

Ensure you're leveraging all of your knowledge and skills to enhance your clients' experience and maximize you value.

This could look like sharing information on mortgage loans, sending fresh market reports, providing homebuying guides, and even sharing a list of trusted vendors for home maintenance. Ensuring you’re sharing valuable communications and cutting out any fluff or unnecessary emails or texts keeps the focus on the client and their specific needs, as well as the stage of the transaction process they’re in.

Providing value in your communications is another step to help calm any concerns and also empower your client to have a strong understanding of their transaction, start to finish.

#4. Make Your Communications Stand Out

When you’re earlier on in your clients’ journeys, such as after your first meeting or as the house-hunting process begins, you’ll want to make sure your communications with them are both sharp and memorable.

Use a free tool like Canva to create visually stunning neighborhood guides for your buyer clients, or even listing presentations for your seller clients. Leverage the power of shooting a quick, impactful video on your smartphone to send via text or email. Create a set of beautifully-designed cards you’ll use to write thank you or congratulations messages for your clients.

Each of these details amps up your client communications by engaging your clients, showcasing your expertise in a visually impactful way, and continues to reinforce your attention to detail and commitment to your clients.

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