4 Reasons Real Estate Agents are Experts in Pricing Your Home for Sale

When it comes to knowing how exactly to price your home, the expertise of a real estate agent is unmatched. Here are 4 reasons why.

As you prepare to sell your home, considering how you’ll price it can be a tricky balancing act. You want to ensure profitability, but market conditions and consumer trends may impact this.

A real estate agent has the experience, market knowledge, and data access to price your home right. Instead of playing a guessing game for pricing, or relying on less-than-accurate online calculators, investing in a top real estate agent can unlock your home’s full pricing potential.

See why partnering with an agent is the best way to tap into unique expertise to price your home for sale.

#1. Real Estate Agents Know the Market Inside and Out

Partnering with a professional real estate agent in your area is a gamechanger for selling your home. Not only are they experts in the selling process and all the nuances that come along with it, professional agents know the market you live in like the back of their hand.

Real estate agent tracks market performance and makes a calculation.
Agents are constantly keeping up with trends in both the local and national market.

This means they’re up to speed with the market’s conditions and factors that influence pricing your home. A pro agent in your area knows how selling in your market typically runs, and what it looks like for homes that are similar to yours, even in your own neighborhood.

A quality agent has also likely been selling in your area for a period of time, giving them the background and skillset to know exactly how to approach pricing your home effectively.

They also work closely with other agents, brokers, lenders, and more key real estate industry players to have a fully-shaped lay of the land of your local market. This degree of expertise and hands-on experience is unparalleled. No amount of online calculators or lofty goals can replace market data.

#2. Agents Have Access to Key Data

You may leverage online calculators or a variety of listing sites to try and gauge the value of your home to price it for sale. But these tools aren’t always the most accurate or up-to-date. They also don’t take a deep dive into the properties in question, meaning the listed price is likely skewed.

Partnering with an agent means unlocking access to their treasure trove of data. They can also conduct a comparative market analysis, or CMA. A CMA is a tool agents can use to effectively estimate the value of your specific property. This is accomplished by comparing your home to similar ones that were recently sold in your area.

A CMA looks at a multitude of features of a home, including but not limited to:

  • Lot size
  • Features and amenities
  • Date of the home’s sale
  • The condition of the home

Think of this as a custom assessment that helps drive the most accurate pricing for your home. Still, agents have your best interest in mind, and can have key intel to make recommendations of how you can price your home to get top dollar.

#3. Agents Want to Help You Get Top Dollar

Working with a real estate agent means you have a trusted partner who has your back and will fight for your best interest, including the best pricing possible for your home. As you prepare to sell your home, your goals likely include attracting buyers and generating a profitable sale.

Real estate agents gets top dollar for clients' home
Your real estate agent will help you maximize the value of your home to all parties.

When considering how you’ll attract buyers, a simple Google search can be overwhelming. But with hands-on guidance from a real estate agent, you’ll know exactly what tactics to use to price your home appropriately.

Pro agents can recommend necessary repairs or renovations, provide staging services, and tactics to increase your home’s curb appeal. Their recommendations will be shaped by home trends in your local area. All of these factors add up to strong expertise in pricing your home appropriately, and for top dollar.

Seasoned agents prioritize working with clients they can provide the highest caliber of service to. Working with an agent like this ensures your home’s pricing, and every step along the way, goes smoothly and remains a priority.

#4. A Trusted Agent Uses Logic

It’s natural to be attached to our home and love everything about it. As much as we wish you could put a price on memories, you have to look at other influencing factors. This rose-tinted view can obscure some of the less-desirable traits of your home or its surrounding area that you’ve learned to live with.

An agent, by nature, is separate from emotional attachment to your property and leverages logic, data, and their own expertise for decision-making.

Still, rest assured they are compiling all of these factors and seeking the best tactics to ensure your home is priced at its best.

Price Your Home Right From the Start

Take the guesswork out of pricing your most important asset by partnering with a professional real estate agent.

A real estate agent in your area has deep expertise on the market, experience pricing and selling homes, and access to critical data and intel that can’t be found elsewhere.

If you’re ready to find and get connected with a top agent near you to start the pricing process, get started with RealEstateAgents.com today.

Tom Monaghan
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