What Makes Elite Buyers Agents Successful?

Elite buyer agents outdo the competition with their unparalleled client dedication, thorough experience, and industry expertise.

Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan

Not all real estate agents are the same. Besides the distinction between listing agents, seller’s agents, and buyer’s agents, there are also top agents who fall under the category of elite buyers agents.

Elite buyer agents provide their clients with the best possible transaction experience and top-quality service.

Eight Things that Make Elite Buyer Agents Successful

Here are eight things that separate elite buyer agents from other real estate professionals — helping them generate more success and create more satisfied buyers.

#1. They Give Buyers the Time and Attention They Deserve

realtor focus and attention

While some agents will accept as many deals as possible to maximize their profits, elite buyer agents will never sacrifice their quality service in exchange for more business.

When you work with an elite buyer agent, you’ll know that you have a real estate professional that’s dedicated to providing you with the time and attention you deserve. They won’t be spreading themselves too thin, and therefore neglect your transaction, just because it benefits their bottom line.

#2. Elite Buyer Agents Work Quickly

When the average real estate deal takes between one and two months to pass through the escrow process, elite buyer agents understand that working quickly can help their clients complete their transactions in less time.

Elite buyer agents don’t hesitate to reach out to you when new developments take place which impacts the deal. When it’s time to take the next steps, the best agents move quickly to push the purchase forward. Doing so can prevent unnecessary setbacks that can cost the buyer time and money.

#3. They are Knowledgeable About the Local Market

local market expertise

Elite buyer agents are experts in their local real estate markets.

Besides closely studying the market’s activity, these agents will have closed many deals in the market you’re looking to buy in. That imbues them with real-world experience that can surpass the insights contained in numerical data.

An elite buyer agent is able to be more successful because they understand the subtleties of buyer and seller behaviors within the local market. With this in mind, they are able to create stronger strategies for their buyers and help them make wise decisions.

#4. They Inform Buyers About Challenges Introduced by the Market

Elite buyer agents don’t keep their knowledge to themselves. To help their clients feel comfortable in the potentially unfamiliar territory of a property purchase, elite buyer agents make sure that their buyers are informed about what’s happening in their real estate market.

This helps buyers get an idea of what to expect when they start shopping for their new home, preventing them from being discouraged when a challenge arises. For example, if a buyer knows that inventory is tight in their area, they won’t get stressed out when they don’t see multiple options right away.

#5. Elite Buyer Agents Can Access Exclusive Listings

Pocket Listings
Pocket Listings

Elite buyer agents have a strong network of industry connections that can give buyers access to exclusive listing opportunities.

It may be a new property that’s being developed that’s not yet advertised or an off-market listing that’s about to go back up for sale. When you work with an elite buyer agent, they can search the market for homes that match your needs and preferences that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

#6. They are Experts at Negotiating

Even after buyers have found a listing and have come to an agreement with the seller, the escrow process is filled with negotiation points. Buyers who are partnered with an elite buyer agent can approach the negotiations with confidence knowing that their best interests are being represented by an expert negotiator.

Elite buyer agents have negotiated countless transactions and understand how to propose creative solutions that are in their client’s best interest.

#7. Elite Buyer Agents Know How to Make a Strong Offer in Any Market

An elite buyer agent understands that it’s possible to make a compelling offer in any market condition.

By taking specific steps to strengthen the offers of their clients, top agents are able to create offers that catch the seller’s attention even if buyer competition is high. This boosts the chances of an offer being accepted, helping the buyer move forward with their transaction.

#8. They Care About More than their Commission

Elite buyer agents aren’t just working for the profits — they’re dedicated to helping their buyers attain their real estate goals. The best agents care about the buyers they service and want the best for them. They ensure that their home purchase is in their best interests, even in the long-term outlook.

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Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan