5 Ways to Find Honest and Experienced Real Estate Agents in Your Area

Buyers and sellers both need to find real estate agents that are honest and experienced to represent their transactions.

Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the purchase and sale of real estate are often the most expensive transactions made in one’s entire lifetime. Something so important requires expert guidance from an honest and experienced real estate agent.

When you’re looking for a real estate agent to hire to represent you in your home purchase or sale, you should prioritize two qualities: honesty and experience.

Agents that are honest and experienced will be able to successfully guide you through your transaction. No matter what challenges may occur, an honest and experienced agent will be able to find solutions to get your deal back on track.

These agents will have the insights necessary to cultivate a successful transaction that meets the needs, expectations, and preferences of their buyer and seller clients.

Five Ways to Find Honest and Experienced Agents in Your Market

With over two million active real estate agents in the country, buyers and sellers need to know the best ways to find agents that are honest and experienced.

Here are five great resources and best practices to help you get in touch with the best agents in your market and around the U.S.

#1. Seek Referrals from Friends, Family, and Neighbors

If you don’t know where to start looking for an agent that is both honest and experienced, begin by speaking to people you know in your community.

Asking your friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors about who they worked with to purchase or sell their homes can help you get a referral.

Once you get recommendations from people you trust, make sure that you follow up with some independent research. You’ll want to perform thorough due diligence to learn more about the agent and their career before you decide to interview them as potential candidates.

#2. Research the Agent’s Online Presence

Learning more about the agent and their real estate brand can be an effective way to determine how experienced and trustworthy the agent is.

Visit the agent’s website to find all of their active web platforms including their social media profiles. By reviewing the information, you should be able to learn about the agent’s career history, education, and sales activity.

To gauge their level of experience, look out for specific indicators such as:

  • How long they’ve been an agent
  • How long they’ve worked in your target market
  • Whether or not they’ve represented clients with similar needs and property types
  • Annual sales data, such as how many homes they close on a year and how many clients they assist annually

#3. Pay Attention to Client Reviews

While reviewing the agent’s online website and social media channels, pay special attention to any reviews left by past clients. This can provide you with crucial insights into what it’s actually like to work with this agent for an extended period of time.

In addition to what you see posted on websites and social media, look the agent up on Google or other search engines to see if there are additional client reviews posted there. These reviews will not be edited or omitted by the agent since it’s a public forum, so you may be able to learn more about the agent’s client record.

#4. Speak to Your Lender

Speaking to your trusted lender can be a great way to get recommendations for honest and trustworthy agents in your area.

If you’re a homeowner planning to sell, consider speaking to the lender that issued your mortgage. Buyers can speak with the lender that they plan to work alongside to obtain financing for their new homes.

Since lenders work closely alongside agents, they likely have agents as industry connections. Lenders see the back-end processes of the transaction so they will know which agents are hands-on and which let the deal fall behind.

Taking advantage of the rare perspective that your lender has can help you get in touch with an agent that streamlines the deal and knows how to do business right.

#5. Find Your Perfect Agent on RealEstateAgents.com

If you want to know the easiest and most efficient way to find an honest and experienced agent in your market, look no further than RealEstateAgents.com.

RealEstateAgents.com is an innovative online portal that connects buyers and sellers with the best agents in their markets. All you need to do is type in your location and start reviewing the agent profiles of the top-performing agents in your area.

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Amber Martinez

Amber Martinez