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Conversion Boosters: 3 Ways to Turn Leads into Closed Deals

These 3 key conversion boosters can help you deliver a strong customer experience and get your clients to the closing table faster.

Lead conversion is, arguably, the most crucial aspect of your real estate business’s deals. In its simplest terms, lead conversion is the act of getting your lead to take a specific action you want them to take; in this case, working with you through the entirety of the buying process, all the way to the closing table.

While you may be well-versed in the lead generation, nurturing, and converting process, there’s still key ways to give your conversion efforts a boost. In turn, you can close more deals, and experience greater success as a real estate professional.

3 Conversion Boosters to Help You Get Closer to the Finish Line

As you start working your leads to get them all the way across the finish line, it’s important to keep these 3 key conversion boosters in mind. These will help you deliver a strong customer experience and move the needle for your clientele.

#1. Know Where They’re at in Their Journey

As you generate leads, you need to get a headstart on where your prospective clients are in their home search and purchase journey. One way to accomplish this? By following a funnel-based system.

An agent team meets with a young professional for a client interview.
Getting to know your client's story will help you better understand their needs and priorities.

A lead funnel is a common sales practice across various industries to assess and gauge the current stage of a lead, so you can then identify what actions need to be taken to move them down the funnel, through each of the stages. Most lead funnels follow a similar order:

  • Awareness: The very first stage of a lead’s journey, or entry point into the funnel. They’ve begun the process of researching the home buying process, and this is the stage where they have become aware of your services as a real estate professional.
  • Interest: They’re hearing more and more about you, likely from advertising methods and their own research on the major real estate portals and other sites and platforms. As they learn more about your business and how you can help them with their home buying goals, they begin to become more interested. At this point, you may get in touch.
  • Desire: At this stage in the funnel, they’ve learned even more about what you offer and how you can help — directly from you. You’re establishing rapport and they are ready to work with you.

At this point, you’ve got them in the palm of your hand (and in your client database). Leads will progress through these stages of the funnel at varying speeds and timelines.

Consider this exercise where you’ll create the roadmap for each lead and what they need to move forward. By assessing where each lead is, and where they’re heading, you can best inform the path forward to the lead becoming a client and successfully converting.

#2. Make Your Expertise Clear

Trust is one of the most important building blocks to your client relationships, and it’s also one of the most surefire ways to accelerate your path to the closing table.

One of the strongest ways to start establishing and building trust is by placing your real estate expertise, skills, and prowess front and center. This could look like:

  • Creating educational content you post regularly to your social media profiles
  • Sourcing and sharing testimonials from your past clients
  • Posting to your website’s blog and sharing those posts across social media and email
  • Being reposted or reshared by vendors you work with

Each of these action items adds up to stronger credibility, giving you the perfect entry point to build deeper trust as you connect with clients. By making your expertise clear, and building a strong foundation early on, you can speed your way to a closed deal.

#3. Set Up Nurture Campaigns

To get leads moving through the funnel we referenced, you have to engage and entice them with more information, direct outreach, and other factors for their consideration.

An agents creates a complex follow up and marketing strategy on their laptop.
Following up, and tracking those follow ups, is one of the best ways to convert "older" leads into new clients.

One of the easiest ways to do this in one central place? By leveraging the power of your CRM software to set up nurture campaigns. These nurture campaigns can be built around an email drip series, with content tailored specifically to the needs of your leads based on their current stage of the funnel. As a bonus, these also tend to be automated, freeing up your time and keeping your leads engaged and happy.

Your CRM can also help you keep track of any phone calls, texts, or even social media interactions you have with your leads. Having this level of intel and engagement always-on benefits your path to a closed deal greatly. Since you’re removing any barriers to connecting with you, knowing what you offer, and seeing your skills and abilities as a real estate pro, you can ensure you’re moving leads to the finish line effectively.

To maximize your conversion boosters, and be seen by home buyers searching online, be sure to use your account! With, you can accelerate your business even further with vetted leads, performance-based data, and powerful technology. Don’t wait — get started now!

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