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Featured Agents in Kensington, CA

Flashberger Sue profile picture

Flashberger Sue

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7years of experience
11sales in the last 12 months
184transactions all-time
Kim and Barbara Marienthal profile picture
Coldwell Banker

Kim and Barbara Marienthal

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39years of experience
Hammond Cheryl profile picture
Keller Williams Realty

Hammond Cheryl

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7years of experience
10sales in the last 12 months
111transactions all-time

Compare 15 top-performing real estate agents in Kensington, CA

Marvin Gardens Real Estate

Joshua Dickinson

1 year of experience
Serves Kensington


Joshua Dickinson is a Real Estate Agent in Kensington, CA with the brokerage Marvin Gardens Real Estate. Over the last 1 years we have tracked null MLS listings by Joshua.

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Berkshire Hathaway

Ritter Dennis


Ritter Dennis is an active Real Estate Agent in Kensington, CA with the brokerage Berkshire Hathaway. Over the last 7 years we have tracked 35 MLS listings by Ritter.

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7 years of experience
1 sales in last 12 months
35 transactions all-time
Serves Kensington

Realty World Homes Land

Hitcher Jim


Hitcher Jim is an active Real Estate Agent in Kensington, CA with the brokerage Realty World Homes Land. Over the last 4 years we have tracked 8 MLS listings by Hitcher.

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4 years of experience
8 transactions all-time
Serves Kensington

Poirier Associates

Poirier Stephen


Poirier Stephen is an active Real Estate Agent in Kensington, CA with the brokerage Poirier Associates. Over the last 12 years we have tracked 57 MLS listings by Poirier.

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12 years of experience
5 sales in last 12 months
57 transactions all-time
Serves Kensington

Panorama Properties Sfba

Bocage Gina


Bocage Gina is an active Real Estate Agent in Kensington, CA with the brokerage Panorama Properties Sfba. Over the last 7 years we have tracked 41 MLS listings by Bocage.

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7 years of experience
41 transactions all-time
Serves Kensington

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    "Had issues with the title company, which agents handled."
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    "We had a very unique situation... My sister and I live in different states and the house belonged to our deceased Mother... Service was great could not have been any better..."
    Joe H. from Texas / Sold a home using

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