5 Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Transaction

Every real estate transaction is unique and you need to find the right agent for the job. Get these tips to find the right agent.

When it comes to buying or selling your home — or anything that arises with your property needs in between — partnering with a real estate agent is a must. They’ll ensure everything goes smoothly and that your best interest is protected.

Sometimes, the process isn’t as simple as listing your home for sale or putting in a bid on a property. There are plenty of other unique transaction needs that arise, and it can be tough to navigate it all as a consumer.

Selecting a trusted real estate agent to work with can take time, and finding the right fit not only for your personality, but any unique needs you have, can be tricky.

5 Ways to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent

#1. Research Real Estate Agents that Specialize in Your Situation

Are you a first-generation home buyer? Are you dealing with a foreclosure? Maybe you’ve changed your mind about going the FSBO route.

Whatever it is, we guarantee there’s an agent out there in your local market that’s worked with people in similar shoes as yours. Take time to search online for real estate agents that specialize in your specific situation, or even adjacent situations.

Building your own competency about the transaction will prepare you to find the right agent.

You can consider reaching out to these agents to see if they’re able to help your specific type of transaction, or if they can refer you to another real estate pro that’s well-versed in your needs.

#2. Use the Internet Wisely

While you’ve likely started this search online, you can also use the internet to reach out to others that have experienced a transaction similar to yours.

Leveraging forums like Nextdoor or Reddit allows you to get insights into other people’s experiences in your same or similar position. This real-life information can help give you a starting point of qualities, specific skill sets, and other areas of expertise.

These each make up the ideal characteristics of a real estate agent best suited for your transaction type, giving you a solid idea of what to look for as you search for your agent.

#3. Interview Multiple Real Estate Agents

As your research for agents familiar and skilled with your specific transaction progresses, start building a panel of prospective agents to interview.

While each of these real estate agents brings a wealth of experience and expertise to support a home buying or selling journey, you’ll want to gauge their familiarity with your own unique scenario by interviewing them.

The right agent will have a familiarity with your transaction type and leave you feeling confident.

When interviewing multiple agents, explain your transaction needs in-depth. Then, ask questions encompassing key details like:

  • Have you worked this type of transaction before?
  • How did that transaction go?
  • What was your biggest win of that transaction?
  • What would you have done differently in that transaction?
  • If you were in my shoes, how would you proceed?

Don’t partner with an agent simply because they’re available. You’ll want to assess the degree of comfort and security you feel from their responses in these interviews to ensure your confidence that they’re the right agent for you.

Did you know that there’s a variety of qualifications and credentials that real estate agents can earn to demonstrate a specific skill set they’ve been trained in?

Taking time to research credentials that line up with your specific transaction needs can help lead you to the right agent. The National Association of REALTORS® is America’s largest trade association, made up of 1.5 million real estate agents across countless areas of specialty.

You can use the NAR’s list of real estate credentials to get a better idea of what certifications align with your transaction needs. Then, kick off your research by looking up agents with these credentials in your nearby area. This can filter down the volume of agents in your search and lead you to a better-suited fit.

#5. Read Agent Reviews

Do you know people personally who have been in your same transaction scenario, or something similar? Consider reading reviews that have been left for the agent by past clients to determine whether or not this might be a good fit agent for you to work with. Profiles on RealEstateAgents.com can feature reviews from past clients to help you gauge whether or not this is an agent who provides high quality service.

Reviews are an essential tool to help measure an agent's service.

Although no two transactions are identical, you can learn a lot from understanding others' experiences with a specific agent.

Finding the Right Agent is Possible

With these five tips, you’re equipped with the right angles to research agents that meet your specific transaction needs.

If you’d like more hands-on help finding the perfect agent for you, get started today with RealEstateAgents.com!

Myron Lo
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