How to Find a Realtor in Your City

Whether you’re buying or selling, you need to know how to find a Realtor to drive a successful purchase or sale. Here’s how to find the best in your city.

Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan

REALTORS® are members of the National Association of REALTORS® — the largest trade association in the country. If you’re buying or selling a home and you want to work with the best agent, you’ll need to learn how to find a REALTOR®.

For over a century, NAR has supported their mission statement, which is “advocating and protecting the rights of property buyers and sellers in the U.S. and around the world.”

REALTORS® upend traditional agents because they adhere to NAR’s strict code of ethics. This guarantees the highest caliber of service to any clients partnering with REALTORS®.

3 Benefits of Working with a REALTOR®

Besides the promise that you will be treated fairly according to the NAR code of ethics, here are three additional benefits to working with a REALTOR® when buying or selling a home.

realtor code of ethics

#1. REALTORS® Have Strong Industry Connections

By joining the NAR, these real estate professionals gain access to a massive network of industry connections — ranging from other professionals, local leaders and decision-makers, and buyer and seller clients.

Whether you’re a buyer seeking early access to potential listing opportunities or are a seller looking for the perfect buyer, your REALTOR® will have the network required to best assist you toward your goals.

#2. Many REALTORS® are Specially Trained

In addition to their leverage in the local market, REALTORS® commonly hold higher designations and certifications that improve their market knowledge and service abilities. NAR supports its members to seek higher education and training opportunities, helping them become experts in their specialty fields.

Currently, there are over 200,000 REALTORS® that hold subject matter expertise designations and certifications.

#3. REALTORS® are Best Suited to Navigate Volatile Markets

In the past two years, traditional real estate market behaviors have been disrupted. Choosing to partner with a REALTOR® will put you in the best position to navigate uncertain markets.

The National Association of REALTORS® is an authority on delineating any new policies and protocols that should be considered by real estate professionals based on changing situations.

NAR also publishes current data reports on national and local housing markets, empowering their members with a strong understanding of what’s currently happening as well as predictive analysis to help them anticipate future activity.

REALTORS® stay current with the latest technologies that are assisting buyers and sellers, so they are able to quickly leverage best-in-class proptech to support their clients.

How to Find a REALTOR®? 4 Creative Ways

To gain access to all of these benefits associated with hiring a REALTOR®, here’s how to find a REALTOR® in your local area.

#1. Search NAR®’s Directory

One of the most straightforward answers to “how to find a REALTOR® in your market” is by searching NAR’s national directory.

The National Association of REALTORS® directory contains the complete list of all Members, offices, and state and local associations. You can easily see what professionals are active in your area or your target market — even if it’s not where you currently live.

#2. Speak with your Lender

Your lender may be able to connect you with a REALTOR® that they’re familiar with or worked alongside in the past.

If you’ve already decided what lending institution you’re going to be working with to secure your mortgage, it’s a good idea to speak with them about your prospective agent.

A benefit to working with a REALTOR® that has a history with your lender is that they will both understand each other's policies. This adds greater coherence between the funding side of the deal and the general approach that will be guiding the purchasing strategy.

#3. Look for Certifications and Designations

Another way you can find a REALTOR® in your city is by looking for specific certifications and designations.

realtor certifications

For example, sellers may want to work with a REALTOR® that’s a Pricing Strategy Advisor. International clients may prefer to work with a Certified International Property Specialist.

Or, if you’re a veteran buyer wondering how to find a REALTOR® that knows how to serve your needs as a military household, you’d want to find a professional that’s a Military Relocation Professional, or MRP.

Finding your REALTOR® through their expertise is a strategic way to narrow your options down to professionals that best serve your specific needs.

#4. Use

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Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan