How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Seattle

Washington REALTORS®, Seattle King County REALTORS®, and are three great ways to find a top real estate agent in Seattle.

Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez

Ready to buy or sell a home in Seattle? Your first step should be to find a top real estate agent in Seattle to help you navigate the local real estate market.

Three Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Seattle

Here are three resources you can use to get in touch with a market-beating local real estate agent in Seattle.

#1. Washington REALTORS®

Washington’s state branch of the National Association of REALTORS®, the Washington REALTORS®, is a great place to begin looking for real estate professionals in the Seattle area.

If you have general questions about real estate procedures in Washington, you can call the branch office at 360-943-3100.

The Washington REALTORS® website links back to NAR’s main member directory, where buyers and sellers can search for certified REALTORS® working in their target markets.

To use the directory, fill out the search criteria beneath the “Search” button. Since you are looking for a list of REALTORS® in the Washington-Seattle region, skip the search filters for “Member ID,” “First Name,” and “Last Name.”

After using the REALTOR directory, find the agent's profile on

Set your language preferences based on your needs and select “Seattle” for City. Scroll through the “Designations” and “Certifications” options to find specialties that relate to your transaction needs.

For example, you may want to work with an Accredited Buyer Representative if it is your first time buying a home. Or, you may want to find a Pricing Strategy Advisor if you’d like to sell your home for its best price.

Once you set your search filters, click “Search” to see the results. You will be able to click on the name of the REALTOR® to access their Member Detail page, which will include their contact information, certifications, and designations.

#2. Seattle King County REALTORS®

If you’d like to further localize your search for a real estate agent in Seattle, reference the Seattle King County Association of REALTORS®.

The website for Seattle’s local NAR® branch includes a helpful directory of the local REALTORS® working in the city. Once on the website, enter your search criteria to find real estate professionals in Seattle.

The search filters are “First/Last Name,” “Designation,” “Organization,” and “City.” If you do not know what agent you want to work with and are simply seeking a list of potential agents to hire, you only need to fill out the “City” filter. Type in “Seattle” and click search.

You’ll see pages of results filled with the names, contact information, and brokerages of certified REALTORS® in Seattle.

You will also be able to see the different real estate groups active in Seattle. If you see a brokerage you are interested in, click on the name to be taken to the business page. You will be provided with the office’s primary contact information so you can take the next steps.


If you want to take the hard work out of determining which agent is best suited for your specific transaction needs, get connected with a real estate agent in Seattle on compares millions of home sales to rate the real estate agents in each market based on their most recent stats and performance data. After setting Seattle as your location preference, click “Compare Agents” and you’ll be connected with the best agents in Seattle.

Using an agent's identified Service Areas can help you find a local expert.

When you use, you will be able to clearly see which agents excel when working with comparable property types to your own. This can assist you in making a decision since you’ll know that your agent has expertise in your niche market.

3 Ways to Narrow Down Your Options

After you’ve performed due diligence to find the contact information of potential brokerages and agents in Seattle, you may need to narrow down your options before moving forward with interviews.

Here are three things that you can do to help you decide which agents you should set up a meeting with, and which agents may not be the best fit for you.

#1. Look at online reviews.'s Agent Profiles feature reviews from past clients.

Search for agent reviews on their website, social media, and on search engines. This will help you understand what it’s like to actually work with the agent once you’ve hired them while giving you insight into the past experiences that other clients have had with them.

#2. Talk to people you know.

Perhaps a friend, neighbor, or colleague is familiar with one of the agents you are considering. It’s worth it to ask the people you know about the agents that you are prospecting. You can even ask your mortgage lender since they have experience in the industry.

#3. Closely review their website.

By conducting research on their professional website, you can learn a lot about the agent’s personality and professional culture. By reading the website, you may be able to see which agents share your core values — helping you make a final decision.

If you’re ready to find a top real estate agent in Seattle, click here to begin viewing agent profiles on

Amber Martinez

Amber Martinez