How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, NV and the Las Vegas REALTORS® Website are two reliable sources for finding a real estate agent in Las Vegas.

Scott Castillo
Scott Castillo

Ready to purchase or sell a real estate property in Las Vegas, Nevada? Congratulations on this exciting opportunity!

To ensure that you have a smooth and successful experience, it’s important to find your perfect real estate agent in Las Vegas.

5 Reasons You Need to Work With a Top Agent in Las Vegas

When buying or selling, the agent that you work with makes a big difference in the quality of your transaction experience and outcomes.

An in-person meet is often the best way to develop rapport with an agent. 

Here are five reasons why you need to choose the right agent for you when embarking on a home purchase or sale:

#1. Top agents are trustworthy and always act in alignment with your best interests.

#2. Top agents have robust local connections, allowing them to access exclusive listing opportunities and help you get in touch with the right buyer or seller.

#3. Top agents are experienced and knowledgeable, making them best suited to assist in your transaction.

#4. Top agents give you the time and attention you deserve. These agents do not take on more clients than they can handle, ensuring that each client they work with has their full attention.

#5. Top agents are local experts in the Las Vegas market. They can provide you with hyperlocal insights and offer tips to help you make strategic decisions to guide your transaction.

3 Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas

Here are a few resources that can help you get in touch with the right real estate agent in Las Vegas for you.


The most straightforward and simple way to find a real estate agent in Las Vegas is to conduct an online search using streamlines the process of finding your perfect local real estate agent. This free service allows you to quickly fill out your criteria and view a list of qualified, top producing real estate professionals in your target market. has analyzed ninety-one million transactions in the United States and thousands of agent reviews. Using this data, is able to determine which agent is right for you based on the information you filled out.

How to Find an Agent Using

  • To begin your search, simply click on the “Find Your Agent” button.
  • Select whether you are buying, selling, or buying and selling a home.
  • Next, you will enter your city (Las Vegas, NV)
  • If buying, set your price range.
  • Answer the remaining few questions based on your transaction and needs. You will be able to enter specific details about your transaction, which will help match you with the perfect agent.
  • Finally, click “Get Agents” to view your results.

Browse through your custom list of agents in Las Vegas to learn more about your best-fitted options.

You will be able to view the agent’s profile, including personal information, a biography, a career overview, key stats, and more. All of this information will simplify your decision-making process and easily allow you to get in touch with the agents you’re interested in working with.

#2. The Las Vegas REALTORS® Website

The Las Vegas REALTORS® is the local city branch of the National Association of REALTORS®. Their local website can help put you in contact with highly qualified real estate agents in Las Vegas, who have pledged to NAR’s strict Code of Ethics.

The REALTOR directory should have all licensed, up-to-date agents in the area.

The official website for Las Vegas REALTORS® features helpful resources that local buyers and sellers can use to find a high-performing real estate agent in Las Vegas.

The “Find a Realtor” landing page allows buyers and sellers to search for members of the association’s local Las Vegas branch. You can either use your location to find the REALTORS® nearest to you, or you can search a REALTOR® by name. You can also include search criteria for languages spoken and specialty certifications and designations.

To generate a broad list of real estate agents in Las Vegas, simply type in your location and select any languages or certifications and designations that are relevant to your transaction. Click “search,” and you will be shown a list of real estate agents that meet that criteria.

The member profiles include the agent’s name, photograph, brokerage, license number, office address, and contact information. Clicking on their name will show you more information, including a short “About” page.

You can use this to make a list of potential agents that you’re interested in getting in touch with.

#3. The Nevada Association of REALTORS® Website

Nevada REALTORS® is the state branch of NAR local to Las Vegas.

You can leverage the Nevada REALTORS® website similar to the Las Vegas  REALTORS® site to find a real estate agent in Las Vegas. Follow the same processes outlined in the above section using the Find a REALTOR link on the consumer-facing landing page of the Nevada REALTORS® site.

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Scott Castillo

Scott Castillo