How to Find a Real Estate Agent in Boston, MA

Looking for a real estate agent in Boston? Try speaking with locals, browsing the MAR® directory, and searching on

Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan

Are you getting ready to purchase or sell a home in Boston? To ensure a successful outcome and a stress-free, simple, streamlined process, your first step should be finding your perfect real estate agent in Boston.

Why You Need a Top Real Estate Agent in Boston

Talented, experienced local agents in Boston know the market, making them best suited to act as your guide.

When you find the right agent for you, you’ll gain access to their network of industry connections and market-specific insights. Plus, you’ll have someone who can help you achieve your personal real estate goals — allowing you to curate your strategy according to what’s most important to you.

4 Ways to Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Boston

Here are four ways that you can begin looking for a real estate agent in Boston to assist you with your upcoming home purchase or sale.

#1. The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® Website

A great way to begin searching for a real estate agent in Boston is to reference the local branch of the National Association of REALTORS® — the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS®, or GBREB.

The official website will put you in touch with REALTORS® in the area who have all taken NAR’s pledge of performance and service. This means that these real estate agents in Boston are trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated to serving your best interests.

Like any big city, Boston's neighborhoods have unique character; a local experts knows them.

The Greater Boston Association of REALTORS® has a helpful online directory that buyers and sellers can use to find a real estate agent in Boston that is a member of the GBREB.

To view a full list of real estate professionals in Boston that are GBREB members, simply click the “search” button without filling out any of the search criteria. This will give you access to a full list of local REALTORS® — including their name, brokerage address, contact information, career bio, and more.

#2. Speak with Locals and Industry Professionals

Another way to find a real estate agent in Boston is to ask people that you know who may be able to offer trustworthy advice on who to work with.

If you already live in Boston and have a community network, consider asking friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors if they have any real estate agent local to the area that they would recommend.

Besides your personal network, you should also ask industry professionals — such as mortgage lenders, home appraisers, and home inspectors. This can be a great way to get a professional perspective and an inside look into an agent’s work culture and industry reputation.

Setting up interviews and meetings with agents and loan officers is a great first step.

When you get recommendations for agents, always follow up with your own research and due diligence. Besides making an appointment to interview the agent personally, you should always look them up online, read reviews from past clients, and explore their web presence to learn more about them and their professional practice. Always look up their license number as a precautionary measure.

#3. The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®

Another resource that can help you find a real estate agent in Boston is the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® or MAR. Similar to the GBREB, this is the local state branch of the National Association of REALTORS®.

One of the best resources for buyers and sellers looking for an agent in Boston that can be found on the MAR website is the official statewide professional license lookup tool. If you find an agent that you’re interested in online or by word of mouth referral, this is an essential tool to ensure that the agent is legitimate, holding an active real estate license.

If you do not have the license number for the agent that you’re looking up, you can use their first and last name and license type to conduct a quick online search.


While there are many ways to find a real estate agent in Boston, the easiest and most efficient way is to leverage is a leading resource connecting buyers and sellers all over the country with top agents in their target markets. Over the past fifteen years, has connected over 4.5 million buyers and sellers with real estate agents. analyzes data from millions of home sales, tracking the performance of the top-rated real estate agents in your community.

To begin searching for a top agent in Boston, simply type in “Boston” to the search bar and you’ll instantly be shown the top fifteen real estate agents in the city. You’ll be able to read their biographies, career data, achievements, and business highlights — making it easy to compare your options.

To view more agents in Boston, simply click “compare agents” to input more information about your transaction so that you can access agents that would be the best fit for your specific needs.

Good luck, buyers and sellers! Find more helpful tips here.

Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan