6 Essential Questions For Listing Agents

Here are six of the most important questions for listing agent when you are searching for the best agent for your transaction.

Scott Castillo
Scott Castillo

When selling a home, the first thing you should do to secure a successful transaction is to find the perfect real estate agent to list your home.

Besides reviewing their websites and reading through online reviews, it’s essential that you have an interview with your top candidates to determine which real estate agent is the best fit for your transaction. That means asking the right questions for listing agent.

What To Ask At the Interview: 6 Questions for Listing Agent

By asking questions for listing agent, you will be able to learn more about them and their practice — and, get an idea about their qualities, qualifications, and personality. This insight will help you identify which option will be the best candidate for your upcoming real estate sale.

When it comes time to speak with your listing agent prospects, make sure that you ask these six specific questions for listing agent.

#1. What are your specialties?

The first of your interview questions for listing agent should be asking about their specialties.

Top selling agents know their niche, which is the specific type of properties and clients that they excel in representing. For example, a listing agent may specialize in helping retirees who need to move out of their large family homes. Or, a listing agent may specialize in luxury homes in a specific neighborhood.

Finding out what types of properties the listing agent is most used to working with will immediately identify whether or not the agent has the special skills required to work with you and your listing. Look for agents with specialties that are relevant to your transaction.

#2. What are your qualifications?

The next question for potential listing agents is about their qualifications.

An agent should come to your first meeting prepared to share their qualifications.
  • Have they received any special training?
  • Have they passed continuing education courses for real estate agents?
  • Are they a part of any industry organizations, such as the National Association of REALTORS®?
  • Do they have a real estate license in the state where you will be selling your home?

These may seem like simple and straightforward questions for listing agent, but it’s essential that you clearly understand the qualifications of each of your prospects.

You should be looking for an agent with the right qualifications that are relevant to your deal to ensure that the agent is a strong match for your transaction.

#3. How do you charge your service fees?

Not all real estate agents charge their fees in the same way. It’s critical that you ask the listing agent how you will be paying for their services. You’ll want to know what percentage of the sale price they will charge, when the fees are due, and if there are any additional charges that you would be subject to paying.

This is especially important since the seller typically pays the agent commissions associated with the entire transaction at closing, which includes both the buyer’s agent and listing agent fees.

#4. How long have you been an agent in my housing market?

To gauge the listing agent’s level of experience, you’ll need to know how long they have been selling homes in the neighborhood where your home is located in.

In some cases, an agent may have a decade of experience — but with nine years in a different market. With only one year of experience in your market, that agent may not be the best choice for you.  

It’s important to look for an agent that knows your location, which will allow them to make strategic decisions based on an intimate knowledge of the area’s real estate trends.

#5. What strategy do you have in mind to sell my home?

Top selling agents always have a plan for how they will list, market, and sell your home to the most qualified buyer on the market.

A well experienced agent will be able to present a comprehensive strategy for your listing.

When comparing agents, you want to know what their process is for selling your home. Asking about their strategy will shine a light on the different ways that various agents plan on working with your listing.

You’ll want to choose an agent that has a clear action plan, rather than a listing agent who seems unprepared to even answer the question — let alone actually list your home on the market.

#6. How do you price the listings you represent?

One of the most important tasks involved in listing a home is setting the right price.

Always ask the listing agents you’re speaking to how they price the properties that they represent. The strongest answers will typically involve referencing comps in your market to determine the current, fair market value of your home.

The listing price is essential for attracting buyers that can actually afford the home. If a buyer is purchasing a home with a mortgage, the listing price should be as accurate as possible because the lender will require an official home assessment to ensure that they are not over-lending.

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Scott Castillo

Scott Castillo