5 Secrets Top Selling Agents Will Tell You About Listing Your Home

How to prepare your home and build a seamless digital listing are just two of the five secrets that top selling agents will share when listing your home.

Amber Martinez
Amber Martinez

A successful home sale is always supported by a winning listing strategy. When creating the listing for your home, top selling agents will be able to share secrets to help your property perform well on the market.

If you asked top selling agents for advice on how to best list your home, they would be happy to share insightful strategies to streamline your home sale process and create a strong listing.

Five Best Listing Secrets From Top Selling Agents

Here are five secrets that top selling agents share with their seller clients as they’re working to list their homes, attract buyers, and generate a profitable sale.

#1. Invest in Repairs, Renovations, and Property Upgrades

Top selling agents know that buyers are attracted to homes that were improved and upgraded by the seller before being listed on the market.

Sellers should always spend time making any necessary repairs when preparing their homes for listing.

The costs invested into the repairs can positively impact the appraised value of the home, potentially leading to greater returns for sellers.

Upgrading appliances — such as washing machines, dishwashers, and even microwaves — as well as property details — such as garage doors, windows, and doors — can also retain value at resale.

According to the 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report, the five remodeling projects with the highest returns are:

Top selling agents guide sellers on which property upgrades will best meet buyer demands in their specific market.

#2. Leverage the Power of Home Staging

Top selling agents always recommend that sellers invest in home staging when posting their properties on the market.

According to research conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® on home sales in 2021, staging a property before listing resulted in homes spending less time on the market and an increase in the dollar value offered by buyers.

The NAR report also discovered that 82% of buyers’ agents said home staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.

Staging prepares a property for the market by ensuring that it looks its very best while creating a warm and inviting environment for buyers.

Staging benefits buyers visiting the home in-person for open houses and tours, as well as digital shoppers reviewing an online listing.

#3. The Importance of a Strong Online Listing

Top selling agents know that a robust digital listing is imperative for driving buyer traffic toward your home.

The best online listings have a thorough property description that leaves no questions unanswered. Top agents can anticipate buyer concerns and include those details in the listing description. Listing descriptions should be well written, easy to read, and highlight all of the key aspects of the property.

Winning digital listings also include high-quality photos and videos, as well as additional buyer resources like virtual tours or digital floor plans.

Buyers should feel like they’re seeing the full picture of the home through stunning visuals. This can expand your pool of buyers by attracting digital buyers that cannot visit the site in person.

Finally, online listings should encourage prospective buyers to submit their contact information through compelling calls-to-action and user-friendly contact forms. This allows agents to convert site visitors into active buyer leads for your home.

#4. Work on Curb Appeal

Top selling agents know how important first impressions are to home buyers.

When a buyer first visits a home, they should feel “wow-ed” even as they’re pulling into the driveway. When preparing a home for tours, the best agents roll out the red carpet for leads.

Sprucing up the yard, putting potted plants on the porch, and even baking cookies are all ways that your home can delight buyers and leave a lasting impression.

#5. How to Attract Buyers with a Robust Marketing Strategy

Top selling agents know that a listing needs the power of a robust marketing strategy to achieve its peak market performance.

Once all of the listing preparations are complete, top selling agents begin working to boost the visibility of your listing within the local market. The best agents rely on a blend of market exposure including:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Campaigns
  • Local Newspaper Ads
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Neighborhood Signs
  • Paper Mail

Top agents work hard to attract strong buyer leads to your listing, helping you find the best possible candidate to move into escrow with.

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Amber Martinez

Amber Martinez