5 Reasons Why Our Agents Are Better

Curious why our agents are better? We review millions of transactions to find the best, most qualified agents in your market.

Tom Monaghan
Tom Monaghan

Want to know why our agents are better? They always have local experience, extensive market knowledge, a strong resume, and the skills required to guide you through your real estate transaction.

Realestateagents.com is the best resource for buyers and sellers that want to find their perfect agents.

We are able to find the top-performing real estate agents in markets across the country by comparing millions of home sales. Our data-driven approach ensures that only the best agents make it onto our platform.

Why Our Agents Are Better: Five Reasons

While it does make it easy to find top agents near you, our diligent process isn’t the only reason why our agents are better. Their skills are what truly make them stand out.

Here’s why our agents are better than other real estate professionals in the industry.

#1. Our Top Agents Close Deals Quickly

A real estate transaction that drags on can cost buyers and sellers time and money. Being able to stay on schedule is one of the most important qualities to look for in a potential agent.

Our top agents often have team members who address different aspects of a transaction, moving it along more quickly.

When you choose one of our agents, you’ll have the data required to make an informed decision on their average closing times. Our agent rankings clearly tell you which agents conduct deals the quickest — and on the best terms.

#2. We Know What Markets They Excel In

Our process allows us to develop a full-spectrum overview of agents all over the country. This allows us to understand key details about their career that can impact your deal.

One of the most important data points that we identify is what types of markets our agents excel in. Not every agent thrives in all markets. Some are at their best when working with ultra-luxury multimillion-dollar properties. Others are best at working with suburban single-family homes.

Our data allows us to gauge which market and price point each agent is the most successful in. This helps us match you to the best agent possible based on your specific circumstances.

#3. Our Agents Land the Best Prices

By working with our search technology, you can easily see how our agents perform with negotiating prices.  

Our process compares the actual properties listed to determine how well the agent performed. Sellers can easily see which agents sell homes at the highest prices, and buyers can see which agents help their clients land the best deal.

#4. They Help Their Clients Meet Their Transaction Goals

Another reason why our agents are better is because their actions speak to their skill and capability. Our agent profiles provide clear records that describe how well they were able to assist their past clients.

Our agents are able to help their clients meet their unique transaction goals, whatever those may be.

Your agent should understand the parameters you've set for your transaction.

For a seller, a successful deal can mean closing the sale quickly and negotiating a high listing price. For buyers, a successful purchase can mean submitting a strong offer that beats competition or locking in an affordable price.

In general, they are able to come up with creative solutions that respond to the local market and support the needs and wants of their clients.

#5. Our Agents are Honest and Trustworthy

When you work with one of our agents, you can be confident that you’re choosing an agent that is honest and trustworthy.

Since your agent will be your main resource for information regarding your deal and the one guiding your decisions, you need to hire someone that you can depend on.

You and your agent should feel like a team working toward the goals you've set together.

A key reason why our agents are better is that we’ve closely reviewed their sales records. We know that our agents have supported their clients to work toward their best interests.

We’ve already determined that they’re honest and trustworthy, so you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of by an agent you thought you could rely on.

You can spend more time finding the agent that best meets your specific needs, such as one that’s an expert at technology or the quickest seller in the market.

Get Connected With Our Agents

These five reasons explain why our agents are better than the rest.

Whether you’re buying or selling, your real estate transaction is likely one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your entire lifetime. You need the very best agent to assist you, helping to streamline the process and maximize your success.

If you want to hire the best real estate agent for you, look no further. Click here to start reviewing agent profiles.

Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan