5 Qualities of Real Estate Agents for First-Time Homebuyers

Communicative, supportive, and strategic are a few of the most important qualities of real estate agents first-time buyers should prioritize.

Myron Lo
Myron Lo

Buying a home requires that you have the best possible real estate agent on your team — guiding your strategy, informing your decisions, and ensuring that you successfully move through the transaction.

First-time homebuyers should put extra care into choosing their agent, but what qualities of real estate agent are the most important?

The skills and qualities that real estate agents possess are a critical part of the due diligence process when deciding which agent you should hire for your upcoming purchase. However, the qualities that are most important for a first-time homebuyer will differ from the qualities that a seasoned buyer or real estate investor might prioritize.

First-Time Buyers Guide: Five Essential Qualities of Real Estate Agent

These are the qualities of real estate agent that all first-time homebuyers should look for when searching for their perfect agent.

#1. Phenomenal Communication

When you’re a first-time buyer, one of the most important qualities of real estate agent is fantastic communication skills.

Since it’s your first time dipping your toes into a real estate transaction, you need someone who will responsibly manage the process.

When not available, your agent should return calls and texts in a timely manner.

Keeping you informed of any new developments, letting you know what tasks you need to complete — such as signing and submitting important documents, and ensuring that you are aware of the deal’s moving pieces are things that agents with great communication skills will do.

Being communicative also enables you to ask all of the questions that may come up as you kick off the transaction. When it’s your first time buying a home, you may have a hard time if you have an agent who doesn’t return your calls, texts, or emails.

#2. The Ability to Teach and Explain

First-time buyers should have an agent that acts as their teacher, mentor, and guide to introduce them to the world of real estate. This is one of the most important qualities of real estate agent to look for because first-timers may feel overwhelmed by the processes of making an offer, negotiating with a seller, and moving into escrow.

Real estate transactions include many tasks, and it can take around 40 to 50 days to close on the home after you’ve entered into a contract with a seller. You need an agent that will teach you about the different steps required to buy a home so you understand your position and can make informed decisions.

If you work with an agent who does not explain, you may feel lost, confused, and unconfident.

#3. Relevant Transaction Experience

Every real estate purchase is unique, and not all experiences may be relevant to your transaction. When searching for your first real estate agent, always pay attention to the types of transactions they’ve completed in the past.

  • Have they worked with first-time buyers before?
  • Have they helped first-time buyers purchase a home in your target neighborhood?
  • How long have they been active in your specific housing market?
  • Have they helped buyers purchase their primary residences, or are they used to helping owners purchase homes to rent out to tenants?
An experienced agent will be familiar with all the steps - and hiccups - of your transactions.

These are essential questions that you should be asking your agent during the preliminary interview, or when you are reviewing their agent profile online.

#4. Patience, Support, and Kindness  

Buying a home is a big milestone in all of our lives. While it is certainly exciting, the process may become stressful. Our homes are tied to our emotions, and you want to have a kind, patient, and supportive agent at your side.

These qualities of real estate agent will help to ensure that you feel comfortable, secure, and confident as you move through the deal.

#5. A Strategic Mindset

Finally, a strategic mindset is a key agent quality that first-time homebuyers should seek out in an agent.

You need an agent who can read the rhythms of the market, pivot according to any sudden changes, and fight for your best interests and needs. This will help you actualize your homeownership goals and overcome potential obstacles that may arise.

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