Home Modifications for Wounded Warriors

Making a home accessible can mean many different things. It can mean installing wider doorways, adding wheelchair ramps, or anything else that helps someone living with a disability. However, no matter what accessibility modifications are needed, they all share the same purpose - helping the occupant live as independently as possible. For many veterans, home accessibility modifications are a necessary part of their daily lives. That's why so many government and community organizations have come together to create various resources to help with any financial or technical aspects related to home modifications.

Government departments, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), provide a variety of veteran-specific services, including home modification assistance. These departments also offer grants, like the Specially Adapted Housing Grant, designed to help disabled veterans purchase or modify housing to accommodate their needs and living requirements. They also provide technical advice about accessible home design and construction to assist veterans new to accessibility modifications.

Nonprofits and volunteer organizations are also dedicated to helping wounded veterans with accessible home modifications. For example, Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) is a nonprofit organization that uses donations to build specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans. These organizations also provide help in the form of financial support, labor, and building materials. In addition to those resources, many community services and research programs offer assistance with accessible home modifications and relevant information.