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Amanda Ainsworth Exit Southern Realty
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Purvis, MS

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As a Realtor, my first priority is to make my clients happy. I listen to my clients wants and needs to achieve the best outcome in every transaction and I strive to ensure that the home buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. My clients can count on me any time of day when they have a question or concern. I am known for going above and beyond. Living in Hattiesburg MS for almost 20 years, I have extensive knowledge of the area and my experiences of having lived here contribute to my enthusiam for the city and surrounding areas. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach and antique shops, decorating and volunteering at the local animal shelter. I
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28 Days
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$175K - $175K

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20 S Windridge Loop, Purvis, MS, 39475
3 bed / 2 bath
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Reviews for Suzanne Dessens

Suzanne Dessens helped Shuyan W. sell a home on 06/28/2019
Before working with Suzanne, I had another broker, who put my house on the market and that was all. Six month later, my house was still not sold. I was recommended to Suzanne who explained what she will help me do in the next few weeks and then she contacted the contractors for me by comparing the price and quality of services. She always chose the best and appropriate contractors for me. Since I lived 1.5 hours away, Suzanne helped me with all repairs. She desecrated my house with her own stuff. Compared with the previous broker, I would recommend Suzanne to anybody who will buy/sell his property. I had a very pleasant experience with Suzanne
Review submitted by Shuyan W. on 06/04/2020
Suzanne Dessens helped Dimple G. buy a home on 02/14/2020
Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to detail. She made my buying experience easy and stress free. I would recommend her to everyone. ~
Review submitted by Dimple G. on 06/04/2020
Suzanne Dessens helped Shaun R. sell a home on 03/27/2020
Suzanne was highly communicative, motivated, and cheerful throughout the entire sales process. She provided advice and tips on how to improve the marketability of the house, which I am positive resulted in a higher closing sale price. It felt like I was working not with an agent, but with a friend.
Review submitted by Shaun R. on 06/04/2020