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Miami, FL

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I became a licensed Sales-Associate (Realtor) in the year 2000. Finding flaws in the quality of service my clients received outside the realtor's hands at points in the sales process, and to the end of providing a completely smooth experience for my clients, I took my career a step further and became a Broker-Associate a few years later. This gave me the ability to control and manage processes outside the agent's scope, but within the sales cycle on my client's behalf. I am happy to say that with extraordinary know-how and as a "Multimillion Dollar Top Producer", my South Florida clients have succeeded in the last 21 years in selling their homes for top dollar in the smoothest and most unburdened way possible. In todays evolving market conditions, it takes a seasoned expert to fulfill a clients goal. I have gained a reputation of honesty, integrity & reliability, values I strongly believe to be at the core of success and above all, customer satisfaction.
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Typical Time to Sell
54 Days
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$125K - $700K

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2864 Sw 145th Ct #2864, Miami, FL, 33175
4 bed / 3 bath
sold date
9301 Sw 92nd Ave #112-C, Miami, FL, 33176
1 bed / 1 bath
sold date
2355 Se 4th Pl, Homestead, FL, 33033
4 bed / 3 bath
sold date
19463 Sw 130th Ave, Miami, FL, 33177
5 bed / 4 bath
sold date
1130 Sw 136th Pl, Miami, FL, 33184
4 bed / 2 bath
sold date
1265 Sw 146th Ct, Miami, FL, 33184
4 bed / 4 bath
sold date
25005 Sw 122nd Ct, Homestead, FL, 33032
3 bed / 2 bath
sold date
1501 Ne 191st St #c208, Miami, FL, 33179
1 bed / 2 bath
sold date
6332 Sw 34th St, Miami, FL, 33155
3 bed / 3 bath
sold date
3300 Sw 87th Ave, Miami, FL, 33165
3 bed / 2 bath
sold date

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Reviews for M. Vanessa Vignati

M. Vanessa Vignati helped Crist M. sell a home
Great EXPERIENCE, took care of the paperwork, very efficient. Efficient, knowledgeable, hard worker, intelligent. VERY SATISFIELD. Vanessa is very professional in all her negotiations. She will try to do the best for her client.
Review submitted by Crist M. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Jackie J. sell a home
Vanessa was amazing! She fought hard to list my home and then even harder to find a buyer. She was extremely helpful and informed me constantly on the status of my sale. I could not have done it without her.
Review submitted by Jackie J. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Carolina L. sell a home
first met Vanessa when I rented out my apartment. A few years later, I contacted her about selling my property. The process was very smooth. Vanessa was very professional, honest and straight forward. I never felt pressured to do something that wasn't in my best interest. She is very knowledgeable and reliable. A+
Review submitted by Carolina L. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Vivian S. sell a home
Vanessa is a consumate professional. She is extremely knowledgeable, great with people, genuinely cares about her clients, and goes the extra mile. I highly recommend her - she is definitely a go-getter and a super nice person
Review submitted by Vivian S. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Rene P. sell a home
Extremely and continuously on top of things and responsive. I am very glad we put the entire process in her hands. When there were hiccups I found out after she had already handled them. Vanessa Vignati will certainly handle all my future real estate transactions.
Review submitted by Rene P. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Sbis H. sell a home
Vanessa has been my realtor since 2008. Vanessa helped find quality tenets for my condo. Recently she listed my condo for sale and got me a buyer within a week. Vanessa is knowledgable ,reliable , and has great negotiation skills, and has made my selling process smooth and easy.
Review submitted by Sbis H. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Zuser Z. sell a home
Vanessa has extremely helpful when I came to selling our home. She was able to give us helpful suggestions as the process went on. She went above and beyond for us, a true delight!
Review submitted by Zuser Z. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Kaz R. sell a home
Vanessa , Never over promises and definitely exceeds expectations to move my property fast in the ever changing real estate market in Miami. She was through in her marketing of my home and worked hard during negotiations to ensure I would get above the target price we set. She is best suited for the educated seller or buyer who can step back to let her do her thing. All the way she will keep you informed and although I don't plan on buying/selling for awhile. I have her number as a Trusted Advisor should any needs arise. Best Contract Decision I have ever made and I highly recommend her
Review submitted by Kaz R. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Raffington C. sell a home
Simply the best realtor! Sold my house in a few months and made the process very manageable. A true professional. I would strongly recommend Vanessa as one of the best in the business.
Review submitted by Raffington C. on 05/02/2020
M. Vanessa Vignati helped Rr L. sell a home
An effective and efficient agent who gets the results that you are looking for. Great experience and would recommend her to anyone. She was able to sell my apartment quickly and always kept me up to date on everything.
Review submitted by Rr L. on 05/02/2020