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I began my real estate career in 2003 after twelve years as a television sports reporter. I am a Senior Sales Counselor here at Coldwell Banker Solano Pacific in Benicia, where I have spent my entire real estate career. I devote myself to serving the needs of my clients before, during and after each transaction. I am honored to be in this business and hope you will choose me to be your realtor. Whether you are buying or selling, I will provide sound, helpful advice to aid you in the process and I will do so with an enthusiastic and hard working attitude! I will ALWAYS have your best interests at heart and it is because of this, my clients continue coming back to me and sending me their referrals. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and I will never take your business for granted!
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8104 El Alcazar Ct, Vallejo, CA, 94591
3 bed / 2.5 bath
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Reviews for Tyler Potter

Tyler Potter helped Katelynn C. buy a home on 03/13/2020
Tyler was so wonderful throughout the whole process! I felt very informed and at ease. I am a first time homebuyer so he would always spend the time to answer all my questions, and provide me with all the paperwork. Tyler and the team made buying a home easy and stress free!
Review submitted by Katelynn C. on 09/08/2020
Tyler Potter helped Harold V. buy a home on 05/21/2020
If youre looking to buy in Benicia, look no further than Tyler Potter. His experience and expertise will meet and exceed your expectations. He is straightforward in guiding you through the home buying process. His local knowledge goes beyond the basics, as he can recommend people who will help you before and after the sale. Tyler will really go to bat for you as a Buyers Agent
Review submitted by Harold V. on 09/08/2020
Tyler Potter helped Adeline M. buy a home on 08/28/2020
Tyler is an honest, effective, and friendly professional that really helped me before, during and after our first home purchase. We were referred to Tyler from another agent because of his familiarity with Solano and the real estate professionals within the area. Even while shopping during the pandemic, he was able to set clear expectations, and was fully supportive of any home we were interested in. Once we found the house we were interested in, we closed on time, at asking price, and he made sure to take care of any credits/repairs we were concerned with. His assistant is very capable and friendly, everyone he recommended to us in his network is nice to work with, and when I wanted to use my own loan officer he respected my decision and later my loan officer told me how glad he was to connect and work with him. I felt completely comfortable trusting him through this process and If you want to know what it feels like to work with a good real estate agent, reach out to Tyler.Less
Review submitted by Adeline M. on 09/08/2020
Tyler Potter helped James A. sell a home on 08/26/2020
Tyler came recommended to us by very dear friends and when they said he was great at what he does they were not kidding. We listed our home, followed Tylers recommendations and the rest is history. If you are truly interested in selling your home Tyler is the person you should call as he will get the job done all while keeping you updated during the process. I highly recommend Tyler to anyone looking to sell their home.
Review submitted by James A. on 09/08/2020
Tyler Potter helped Richard J. sell a home on 06/19/2020
I had interviewed a few other real estate agents who were recommended by friends but felt they didn't see the value of the special features of my mom's home. I received a recommendation about Tyler Potter and met with him at the property. After a thorough walk-through of the house and discussing our circumstances I felt very good about using him. His demeanor and enthusiasm were just what we needed to restore hope that we could get what we felt the home was worth. From start to finish he was professional and intelligent throughout the process even under Covid-19 restrictions. He is a great communicator and kept us informed every step of the way. We had unexpected obstacles arise during the sale which Tyler navigated smoothly for us with resources to take care of the issues and get them resolved quickly. There is no doubt in my mind that Tyler Potter is a great sales agent and I would recommend him to all my friends and family.
Review submitted by Richard J. on 08/18/2020
Tyler Potter helped Jason G. buy a home on 07/31/2020
Tyler is a great proactive advocate for your best interest. Hes involved with every step of the process always ensuring things go smoothly. He overly communicates details to put your mind at ease and let you know hes on top of things. Hes the only person Id work with in all of California.
Review submitted by Jason G. on 08/18/2020
Tyler Potter helped Monica C. buy a home on 06/04/2020
Tyler is a great agent you want on your team! He is very responsive, transparent, and knowledgeable. As first-time home buyers, Tyler helped us feel comfortable with our decisions and guided us to make smart decisions. We see him as trustworthy, which is a big deal for us! He always checked in with us to make sure we understood each step of the home buying process. We can tell he had a busy schedule but somehow we felt like we were his top priority clients, which is a rare service to find!
Review submitted by Monica C. on 06/27/2020
Tyler Potter helped Mindy M. buy a home on 05/12/2020
Tyler was very helpful and understanding. He was very hands on when it came to selling our home on 259 Iris Road and also purchasing our new home at 433 N Wildwood. My mom and I would definitely recommend Tylers services. Tyler is an excellent salesman.
Review submitted by Mindy M. on 06/27/2020
Tyler Potter helped Jim B. sell a home on 05/08/2020
This is the third transaction I have done with Tyler. We are not the most traditional seller/buyer and he has been great in listening to our often conflicting wants. He has gone to great lengths to keep everyone on track all the way through the process even the county registrar this time. Great! You can trust him to get you through and well worth the money.
Review submitted by Jim B. on 06/27/2020