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Los Angeles, CA

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As a former general manager in the hospitality industry, I learned the true meaning of customer service in every level. I became passionate about providing people with the highest level of service possible. As a realtor and Top Referral agent, I share the same passion to provide excellent service and exceed all my client's expectations; I make every effort to keep you informed with the latest news in real estate and marketing trends. I have mastered the art of negotiating, and I always provide my clients with valuable information to help them make an informative and intelligent decision when buying or selling their most valuable investment. I work with buyers, sellers and investors. I speak English and Spanish fluently for your convenience. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you.
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49 Days
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$330K - $330K

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15802 Desert Rock Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90022
3 bed / 3 bath
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Reviews for Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rodriguez helped Ingrid, Q. sell a home on 08/01/2020
I was having trouble selling my house, at the price that I thought it should sell for. Then one day Jose Rodriguez called me from an online site for selling houses, that I registered on, and change my entire experience in a positive manner from that day forward. Jose took on the task of making sure that my house got all the upgrades that it needed, to increase the property value. Jose changed my outlook on selling my house from a negative experience to a very positive experience. I received offers on my house the day before it was listed. My house was in escrow the very first day of listing it with all the upgrades that were done. Jose made selling my house exciting and amazing. I will never forget what him and his amazing team did for me, and my family. He made our dreams come true. Jose Rodriquez has truly earned the number 1 agent title in my book. If you ever want to sell your house, do yourself and your family a big favor, and call Jose Rodriguez, he will get the job done.
Review submitted by Ingrid, Q. on 11/02/2020